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BUG back in the field

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, BUG are back out in the field undertaking a variety of surveys for different clients.

With updated Risk Assessments and various mitigation measures in place in accordance with government guidance, our field teams have been able to get back into action.

The start of the week saw some water quality sampling in rather damp conditions on Poole Park Lagoon.

BUG’s Andy Harrison and Catie Gutmann Roberts got treated to a rather damp reintroduction to fieldwork!

The remainder of the week sees us out electric fishing on a tributary of our local River Frome.

Andy Harrison back in his natural element - electrofisher on his back and net in his hand!

COVID-19 Risk Assessment includes plenty of extra hand washing, face masks and travelling in separate vehicles

BUG’s Victoria Dominguez-Almela and Andy Harrison electric fishing a small tributary of the River Frome, Dorset


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