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Our team

BUG staff originate from a range of backgrounds, including environmental consultancies, regulatory bodies, research councils, industry and academia; thus, providing a balanced appreciation of clients’ needs and regulator expectations.

Our core staff are internationally recognised leaders in their respective fields of research and, supported by a comprehensive laboratory and field monitoring capability, we provide our clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for ecological monitoring and scientific advisory services.

Our dedicated project managers are experienced environmental consultants with exemplary track-records in customer care and the delivery of projects on time and on budget.


Dr Adrian Pinder

Director / Principal Fisheries Scientist (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Impact Assessment (EcIA), fish ecology, larval and juvenile fish, invasive species, migratory behaviour, recreational fisheries management, threatened species. Experienced project manager and environmental consultant.


Dr Andy Harrison

Project Manager / Principal Fisheries Scientist (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Freshwater fish ecology, Home Office licenced for fish surgery, Impact Assessment (EcIA), Water Framework Directive, Eels Regulations. CAA approved drone pilot with Permission for Commercial Operations. Experienced project manager and environmental consultant.


Professor Robert Britton

Professor of Fish Ecology (DLES)

Key Skills

Fish biology and ecology. Impacts of invasive fish species. Spread of diseases associated with invasive fish species.


Dr Roger Herbert

Principal Academic in Coastal and Marine Biology (DLES)

Key Skills

Marine and coastal ecology and conservation. Coastal lagoon specialist.


Professor Richard Stillman

Professor in Applied Ecology  (DLES)

Key Skills

Ecology and behaviour of birds. Predicting the effect of environmental change on birds. Ecological modelling.


Professor Mark Everard

Associate (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Ecosystem services, aquatic ecosystems, sustainable livelihoods, sociological systems, science communication, sustainable development.

John Davy-Bowker.jpg

John Davy-Bowker

Associate (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Invertebrate taxonomy, freshwater bioassessment, RIVPACS, RICT, Water Framework Directive.


Rebecca Emmett

Associate (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Freshwater macroinvertebrate taxonomy, fish scale ageing, pollution assessment.


Louise Foster

Associate (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

Marine macroinvertebrate taxonomy, freshwater invertebrate taxonomy, laboratory quality control (NMBAQC).


Dr Marc Naura

Associate (BU Global Environmental Solutions)

Key Skills

River Habitat Survey, river restoration, hydromorphology, geomorphology, ecology, data analysis and modelling.


Dr Demetra Andreou

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science (DLES)

Key Skills

Parasitology, population genetics, evolutionary ecology, eDNA.


Dr Emilie Hardouin

Lecturer in Conservation Genetics (DLES)

Key Skills

Population genetics and evolutionary ecology.


Dr Elena Cantarello

Lecturer in Environmental Science (DLES)

Key Skills

Assessment of forest habitat condition, forest ecosystem services and management regimes, carbon management, green technologies, renewable energy, green economy.


Dr Phillipa Gillingham

Senior Lecturer in Biogeography (DLES)

Key Skills

Ecology and conservation of upland ecosystems. Effects of climate change on species distributions and conservation.


Dr Anita Diaz

Professor in Conservation (DLES)

Key Skills

Terrestrial ecology, ecological restoration, grazing ecology.


Dr Kathy Hodder

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Ecology (DLES)

Key Skills

Restoration and conservation ecology, terrestrial and aquatic biotelemetry, small mammal ecology.


Dr Iain Green

Lecturer in Biological Sciences (DLES)

Key Skills

Forensic investigation, pollution ecology, trace metal homeostasis and detoxification in cells, soil science.


Dr Duncan Golicher

Senior Lecturer in Geoinformatics (DLES)

Key Skills

Landscape ecology, deforestation, landscape change, species distribution modelling, spatial modelling.


Professor Rick Stafford

Lecturer in Computational Ecology (DLES)

Key Skills

Marine biology, computational ecology, statistics, E-learning.


Dr Sally Brown

Deputy Head of Department (DLES)

Key Skills

Coastal management, coastal processes, climate change adaptation, adapting to sea-level rise.


Dr Daniel Franklin

Principal Academic in Environmental Science (DLES)

Key Skills

Environmental science, phytoplankton ecology, aquatic microbiology, flow cytometry, biological oceanography, cyanobacteria.


Andy Ford

Lecturer in Geoinformatics (DLES)

Key Skills

Geoarchaeology, glaciology, geomorphology, mass-movement, remote sensing (airborne laser scanning, photogrammetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar).


Professor Ross Hill

Professor in Remote Sensing (DLES)

Key Skills

Remote sensing of forests and habitats.


Professor Amanda Korstjens

Associate Professor in Behavioural Ecology (DLES)

Key Skills

Behaviour, ecology and conservation of primates and other animals


Professor Genoveva Esteban

Professor in Microbial Biodiversity (DLES)

Key Skills

Microbial ecology, biodiversity and biogeography.


Dr Luciana Esteves

Principal Academic in Physical Geography (DLES)

Key Skills

Coastal processes. Erosion and flood risk management. Managed realignment. Shoreline change. Coastal management. Human-induced climate change impacts on caosts.


Ben Parker

PhD student (Department of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Key Skills

Fish ecology, parasitology, global change biology. Investigating microplastics in freshwater fish.


Sinead Morris

PhD student (Department of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Key Skills

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