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Red squirrel population assessment

Red Squirrel population assessment on Furzey Island, Poole Harbour

Client: Fieldwork Ecological Services


BUG was commissioned by Fieldwork Ecological Services Ltd, on behalf of Perenco Ltd, to undertake a rapid assessment of the red squirrel population on Furzey Island in Poole Harbour.

A rapid assessment methodology was employed using permanent capture points with treadle operated traps fixed 1.5 m from ground level on pine trees strategically located around the island. Traps were set before first light and reset twice during the one-day trapping exercise. Standard fur clips were used to temporarily mark the squirrels between capture events.

Data collected were compared to a previous rapid population assessment undertaken in 2008 to assess changes in population size and demographics.


A report was produced outlining critical management measures that need to be implemented or maintained to protect the red squirrel population on the island.

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