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Corfe River fish survey

It's always nice to get a job on your door step, and this is where we are working this week - undertaking fish surveys on the Corfe River, on one of our local streams flowing through Corfe Castle.

BUG was commissioned by Dorset Wildlife Trust to conduct fish surveys in the Corfe River to obtain a baseline of the fish populations present in advance of planned habitat improvement works.

BUG's Adrian Pinder and Victoria Dominguez Almela electric fishing in the Corfe River

A total of five fish species were recorded, including bullhead, European eel, brown trout, minnow and brook lamprey.

A brown trout captured in the Corfe River during the fish surveys in 2021

No recent fish survey data were available for the stream, so it was encouraging to record a relatively healthy fish community, including multiple year classes of brown trout.


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