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BUG habitat enhancement projects wins Green Apple environmental award

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

A BUG habitat enhancement project has seen Scarborough Borough Council win a gold award at the International Green Apple Awards 2018. The award is for ‘environmental best practice, building and construction, mitigation projects’.

The Green Apple award recognises environmental best practice for building & construction and mitigation projects

The habitat enhancement project, associated with the Runswick Bay sea wall construction works, focused on the creation of rock pools within the rock armour of the new sea wall and the use of seed rocks to speed up ecological colonisation of the new structure.

Runswick Bay sea wall with sensitively placed rock armour, artificial rock pools and seed rocks at the base

BUG’s Dr Alice Hall, along with Dr Sue Hull from University of Hull, spearheaded the ecological enhancement project.

Small artificial rock pools can greatly increase ecological diversity in otherwise sterile concrete structures

The Green Apple Environment Awards comprise an annual international campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world. The Green Apple Environment Awards were launched in 1994 by The Green Organisation and have become well established as one of the most popular environmental campaigns in the world.


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