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Blashford Lakes fish surveys

BUG has been undertaking repeat fish surveys in a number of water bodies in the Blashford Lakes complex, in relation to developing a fisheries management plan for the SSSI site. An understanding of the fish species and life stages present is crucial for understanding the management measures required to maintain favourable condition.

Seine netting in Ellingham Pound

A combination of seine netting, fyke netting, electric fishing, dip netting and visual observation was used to gain an understanding of the fish species and life stages present within each water body surveyed.

Retrieving a seine net. This technique is useful for capturing juvenile fish which inhabitat warm, shallow marginal bays during summer.

A multi-method approach is crucial for surveying fish populations in lakes, where different species and life stages utilise different habitats within the water body.

Juvenile tench are associated with submerged macrophytes and can be captured by targeted electric fishing in areas where netting techniques can be difficult


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