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Poole Park Lagoon environmental monitoring

Poole Park Lagoon environmental monitoring

Client: Borough of Poole


BUG was commissioned by the Borough of Poole to conduct a year-long research and environmental monitoring programme at Poole Park Lagoon, with a view to establishing baseline data to inform an environmental management plan.

Poole Park Lagoon is a brackish lagoon which, in recent years, has experienced a variety of ecological issues relating to water quality, prolific weed growth and swarming accumulations of chironomids during the summer months. Due to the high profile status of the lake, which is located in a public park with high amenity value (including water sports and restaurant facilities), the Borough of Poole are seeking to address these on-going issues through a comprehensive research and monitoring programme.

BUG has conducted a suite of environmental, ecological and hydrological investigations within Poole Park Lake (along with two adjacent freshwater lakes) to provide baseline data, with a view to informing on-going management decisions. Surveys included: water quality (weekly), sediment quality, freshwater input quality and quantity, lake flushing regime and tidal exchange volumes, bathymetry, invertebrate surveys and fish surveys.

“Borough of Poole employed BUG following an open tender process. BUG represented the best value contractor for the research and monitoring project on Poole Park lakes and lagoon. From day one BUG have understood the requirements, need for public engagement, robust scientific research and investigation of the issues within the water bodies. Ecological advice and input in to further monitoring has been invaluable and goes above and beyond the costs set out in the original tender. With this comes a friendly and helpful approach that makes this more of a partnership than client-contractor relationship.” (Borough of Poole)

50 surveys | 469 water samples | 6,768 fish captured | 13 invertebrate species

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