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Blashford Lakes fish surveys

Blashford Lakes fish surveys

Client: Wessex Water


BUG was commissioned by Wessex Water to conduct a suite of fish surveys at four of the Blashford Lakes in Hampshire to ascertain the current fish species composition and abundance, with a view to developing a strategy for managing the fish populations and contributing to a management plan for each lake.

A combination of seine netting, fyke netting and electric fishing was used to obtain a representative sample of the fish species present in each lake; in particular, focussing on young-of-the-year and juvenile fish as an indicator of the current reproductive success and abundance of the key fish species present.

A total of 57 sites were surveyed throughout the four lakes over a one week period, with just over 1,200 fish being captured. BUG’s concise and easy to understand interpretative report has enabled Wessex Water to better understand the management issues associated with the fish populations in each lake.

“The team deployed on this project were very knowledgeable, easy to work with and have provided an informative and easy to understand report at the end of the project. Excellent value for money, I would happily work with them again” (Wessex Water)

4 lakes | 57 survey sites | 1,201 fish captured | 7 species

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